On behalf of its clients, Advocation Strategies, Inc. is prepared to do any and all of the following:

  • Research: Organize and assemble pertinent information, facts and data relating to legislative matters affecting the Client and its interest, and present and disseminate such information to executive officials of state government and other bodies commissions, committees and organizations as the Client may direct. (All reports, digests, documents, files and other material prepared by Advocation Strategies, Inc. in connection with the Client’s business shall become the property of the Client.)

  • Background Research: Conduct research and gather information on state funding levels, state priorities and policy guidelines on existing and proposed programs; assist in obtaining approval of the Client’s applications for state funds; and perform other endeavors to maximize the Client’s efforts to obtain state grants and funds; review state legislative proposals and other developments in Sacramento for the purpose of advising the Client of those items that may have a bearing on the Client’s policies and programs, and the availability of state grant monies.

  • Analysis: Analyze current and proposed state legislation of concern to the Client, and make recommendations with respect thereto.

  • Responsibility: Assume primary responsibility, in cooperation with the Client, for determining how Advocation Strategies, Inc. can help the Client achieve its purposes with the assistance of state programs and assistance.

  • Ongoing Communication: Conduct meetings with Client’s representatives as may be appropriate to learn of current Client policies, direction and needs, and inform Client of Advocation Strategies, Inc. activities on Client’s behalf. Such meetings will be mutually arranged between the Client and Advocation Strategies, Inc..

  • Advocacy: Maintain liaison with the Client’s state legislative representatives, assist such representatives in any matter which the Client determines to be of interest, and keep the Client’s office continually aware of the nature and scope of Advocation Strategies, Inc. activities on its behalf. Work to achieve the Client’s objectives on any state bills on which the Client has taken a position or will take a position in the future.

  • Activities: Undertake other specific activities on behalf of the Client that are mutually determined to be in the Client’s best interest.